How Do I Choose a Stump Grinder?

If you are like most of our customers, you likely do not require a stump grinder often. So, during those times when one is required, stump grinder rental in Pennsylvania is the best option. The issue lies in the fact that you have choices—there are many sizes of stump grinders, and they have different features. How do you determine which one is best for your needs? Here are six factors to consider when making this decision:

  • Transport: A stump grinder offers little assistance if you cannot get it home or to your site. So, start by considering how you plan to transport it. If you have a big truck or trailer, you have more options than if you only have an SUV or passenger car. The handlebar stump grinder fits in most vehicles, while a track stump grinder requires a truck, trailer or larger vehicle for transport.
  • Mobility: Some grinders are easier to handle than others. If you use a handlebar stump grinder in Pennsylvania, it will require better mobility and more physical effort than a track stump grinder, which you merely stand behind and operate with controls. While both of these models are operator-friendly, be sure to choose something you can operate safely.
  • Space available: If you need to remove a stump from a cramped spot, you are better off choosing a handlebar grinder. It is easier to move between other landscaping features without damaging it, and if you have a stump near your home or an outdoor AC unit, you are less likely to miss the stump and hit these spots instead. Track grinders are still compact, but they need at least 34 inches of space to make it to the stump.
  • Number of stumps: The handlebar grinder works well for most DIY landscape projects. That is because those projects likely only require grinding up one stump, and even if it is a larger stump, the smaller grinder will suffice. However, if you have multiple stumps or one that is larger than average, a track stump grinder is a better option for completing that job more quickly.
  • Hardness of a stump: Depending on wood type, stump grinding will be a one-hour job or one that requires the bulk of your weekend. Your choice of stump grinder can make this easier. For decaying stumps, either choice will suffice. Make the best decision possible after considering the other elements. If the tree is freshly cut, you will likely face more of a battle and need a stronger track grinder.
  • Size of stump: Handlebar grinders work best on stumps that are no taller than 14 inches. If you try to use a handlebar grinder on a stump that is larger than that, you will not be able to grind it from the top down, and that will make the job last longer. For stumps that are taller than 14 inches, use a track grinder. They are designed for stumps up to 35 inches tall.

Whether you seek to rent or buy the equipment you need, Central Equipment Company is here for you. Serving customers throughout Pennsylvania, stump grinder rental is among our offerings. See our equipment list for availability.

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