Preparing a Concrete Driveway for Winter

We get it—summer is just beginning, and frozen driveways are far from your mind. However, now is the best time to prepare your Pennsylvania driveway for winter using a pressure washer rental and driveway sealant. It is easier to accomplish this task when the weather is warm and you actually want to be outside. Here are five steps for preparing your driveway for winter:

  • Clean it: The beginning of summer means more outdoor play and, when COVID-19 eases up, more visitors. Your driveway will face heavy use, and that means dirt and debris. The best way to keep it ready for winter is to keep it clean. Give it a thorough power washing and maintain the clean all summer long with regular sweeping and hosing off. Right before the snow starts, rent a power washer again to prevent oil and grit from damaging it when the temperatures drop.
  • Seal cracks: If you see cracks now, expect them to get bigger when winter starts. Snow melts and seeps into them, which compromises the concrete. Ice adds stress, and that expands the cracks further. In worse-case scenarios, cracks may evolve into potholes, which wreak havoc on your axles and those of anyone dropping by to visit you in Pennsylvania. Central Equipment carries many types of concrete sealers that you can apply on your own to help protect your driveway.
  • Use quality materials: Driveways are expensive to repair and restore, so make the investment in good materials and supplies now. If you require ice melt, use a brand with a calcium base so there is less damage to your driveway in the long run. For homes with pets, use calcium magnesium acetate ice melt, as it will not harm animals and is gentler on your driveway. Also, if you have snow shovels with chips in them, replace them with something undamaged and less sharp. Super-sharp shovels can also damage your driveway.
  • Monitor drainage: Driveway damage frequently occurs because water pools after you run sprinklers. If you have a sprinkler system, check for leaks that may water your driveway more than your lawn and gardens. Also check your gutter and drainage systems—see if the gutters divert water into the proper flow and don’t allow it to pool on your driveway. If you see these problems arise due to summer activities, know for certain the same will occur when snow melts. Fixing these issues in summer is much easier than facing a driveway catastrophe on a cold winter day.
  • Know when to call a contractor: If you currently face driveway damage that is beyond any DIY kits for concrete repair, it is a good idea to call a contractor now. Any damage you see will only get worse and become more expensive to repair later. It may even grow to a point where you have no choice but to pay for a new driveway. You can avoid that expense by addressing serious damage now.

Central Equipment Company offers pressure washer rental and other equipment, such as grinders to prepare cracks for repair, for customers throughout Pennsylvania. We also offer supplies, including high-quality caulking that will last for years when applied correctly. Call or visit us today if you want to start preparing your driveway for winter.

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