Home Improvement Projects for Summer: Pressure Washing

At long last, the cold winter weather has receded, and the beautiful summer sun is shining down on us all. While you can, it’s time to get outside and make the most of the dry season. One of the most productive things you can do for your home or commercial property is to purchase a pressure washer in Pennsylvania and put your property through its paces.

You can use a rag and a bucket of soap all you want, but you will never see the same results as you would get from a pressure washer. When you want to get your home sparkling clean, a pressure washer is the only way to go. They’re great for decks, patios, driveways, siding and so much more.

Types of pressure washers

More often than not, you can find your needs met with the purchase or rental of one of two types of pressure washer: a surface washer and a water cannon.

In general, a surface pressure washer in Pennsylvania will likely meet most residential needs. They can be used to clean most flat surfaces, like decks and concrete. When you need something with a little extra oomph, the aptly named water cannon may be the right choice for you. This beauty excels at cleaning the sides of buildings as well as high areas that may otherwise be out of reach of a standard surface pressure washer.

Gas or electric

Once you’ve determined your personal pressure washer needs, it’s time to choose between gas or electric. If you’ve chosen a water cannon, you will want to opt for a gas-powered washer, because even the most powerful electric pressure washers won’t put out the pressure required to power a water cannon.

If you’re like most homeowners, however, and you have opted for a surface pressure washer, then you have a tougher decision ahead of you:

  • Gas-powered pressure washers are portable and offer a diverse array of options when it comes to the power of their spray. They also require a constant supply of fuel and regular maintenance to perform at their best.
  • Electric pressure washers sacrifice some of the portability of their gas-powered cousins, but they reduce harmful emissions to zero and can even be used indoors.

Depending on your specific needs, a professional can instruct you on the best ways to proceed.

Come to your allies in productivity

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