Home Improvement Projects for Summer: Landscape Bedding

The warmth of the summer months makes this the perfect time to tend to your yard and garden. After the harsh cold of winter, the outdoor spaces surrounding your home need some special attention so they’ll blossom and grow beautifully throughout the rest of the year. With some easy-to-use landscaping equipment in Pennsylvania, you can create your own stunning landscape beds to add personality and charm to your home.

How to set up a landscape bed

Experts recommend that 40 to 50 percent of the area in a residential yard should be dedicated to plants such as shrubs and flowers. This is completely doable with well-plotted landscape bedding in Pennsylvania.

Building a few landscape beds around your house that have low-maintenance plants and perennials actually makes life simpler for you. These beds will cut down on the time you spend mowing the grass every few days during the spring and summer. They also give your property so much personality. In just a few steps, you can have custom cultivated landscape beds enveloping your home:

  • Make a plan: This part of the process can be as simple or complex as you would like. If you enjoy sketching things out, get out some graph paper, a pencil and a ruler and draw out the plans for your landscape beds so you have exact measurements. If that’s not your style, you can use your garden hose to plot out the space where you will build a landscape bed.
  • Remove ground cover: With a spade, remove any ground cover, such as grass or older plants, in the area inside of your new landscape bed.
  • Dig a trench: You will need a trench around the perimeter of the bed. Once you’ve dug the trench, secure lawn edging inside of it with stakes.
  • Add amendments: Mix any necessary manure, composted materials, peat or moss into the soil of your bed. To limit weed growth in your bed, add a layer of landscape fabric over the entire area.
  • Pick your plants: Select the plants for your landscape bedding based on how much sun this area receives. Then, narrow down your options by considering color, texture and height.
  • Lay out plants: Figure out where you want each plant within your bed, then cut a small X-shaped slit in the landscape fabric and mark each opening with something tall. Cover the area with two to three inches of mulch.
  • Plant: Remove the hole markers and settle each plant into its new home in the ground.

New landscape beds can transform the outdoor aesthetic of any home. Building them can be a fun family project, too! You, your spouse and the kids can rent landscaping equipment in Pennsylvania and have new beds with plants growing in just a few days. Not only will your yard look incredible, but it will be a wonderful memory your loved ones will cherish for many years.

Need some of the tools to construct landscape beds for your home? Contact Central Equipment Company if you have questions about the equipment required to build beautiful landscape beds on your property.

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