The Best Pressure Washer Accessories

Power washers are the best way to get old paint, dirt, mold, grime and other unwanted substances off buildings, sidewalks and more. In addition to the hose and nozzle that came with the machine, there are also plenty of accessories that can make your job easier—and perhaps even fun.

Here are some of what we consider to be the must-have power washer accessories in Pennsylvania:

  • Turbo tips: Turbo tips are cone shaped. Their job is to take the already-powerful pressurized water and focus it into a hard-hitting stream, which is great for getting rid of oil, grease and stuck-on messes.
  • Multi-function nozzles: These nozzles will allow you to customize the degree of your spray, alongside low-pressure and detergent options.
  • Brushes: A pressure washer brush attachment makes cleaning dirty surfaces even easier. The bristles help target stubborn dirt and debris, while the pressurized water takes care of the rest of the job. They’re particularly great for boats and outdoor furniture with a lot of built-up grime.
  • Surface cleaners: For large, flat areas like driveways, decks, sidewalks and garage floors, a surface cleaner can be a time-saving option. The pressurized water is contained within the head, which features a rotating nozzle. This helps contain any debris that might fly off and damage lawns, gardens or walls.
  • Brooms: Like surface cleaners, power washer brooms attach to the wand and are great for cleaning large, flat surfaces. Brooms come with rotating scrub brushes and distribute the pressurized water into two or three different nozzles, which helps deep clean surfaces quickly.
  • Foam cannons: Foam cannons are great for when you need the help of soap or detergent to get a surface clean. You simply attach the spray cannon to the end of your wand and go over the surface with the soapy water, then finish the job with regular pressure washing. This helps lift more dirt, oil and grime than power washing alone.
  • Lances and wands: Extension wands and lances are a smart choice for commercial and residential users alike—you’ll be able to clean roofs, multi-story windows and gutters without having to get up on ladders.
  • Water filters: This accessory might not be all that exciting, but it will help your power washer last longer. Water filters will keep most contaminants out of the pump, which is important if you’re using non-potable or unfiltered water in the machine.
  • Extension hoses: Why drag your pressure washer around every time you need to clean a new area? Get an extension hose and enjoy the additional freedom of movement.
  • Pivot couplers: If there are hard-to-reach areas in your surroundings, pivot couplers will help you tackle that problem easily by adjusting the angle of your wand or spray nozzle.

Central Equipment Company is proud to offer the best pressure washer accessories in Pennsylvania. Whatever your construction-related needs may be, our team offers the equipment sales and rentals you need to complete your next project. Call us today to learn more about our products or get a quote.

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