Compare Before You Buy: Propane vs. Kerosene Heaters

If you’re comparing propane to kerosene heaters in Pennsylvania, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Consider the following factors to gain a full understanding of the difference between kerosene and propane heaters so you can make an informed decision as you make your purchase.

Kerosene pros

Kerosene heaters are efficient. They burn fuel efficiently, and they heat quickly. Additionally, if you ever need to move a kerosene heater, this type is portable, so you can easily change its location. It’s also simple to operate. Lastly, kerosene heaters don’t require electricity, so they will work during a power outage to provide reliable heat.

Kerosene cons

On the downside, kerosene heaters can be a safety hazard. They may pose a fire hazard, and it’s possible for carbon monoxide to build up if there is poor ventilation around the unit.

Propane pros

Propane heaters are able to heat a space quickly. They burn efficiently and cleanly and are very cost effective.

Propane cons

If you are using a portable propane heater, you must provide good ventilation. Additionally, at higher elevations (greater than 4,500 feet), propane heaters may not work properly.

Kerosene availability

One main difference between kerosene and propane heaters in Pennsylvania is the source you’ll need to power them. For kerosene, it’s important to determine if you will have access to the required kerosene. While home improvement stores typically offer tanks of kerosene, they can be costly. A more economical approach to using a kerosene heater is to get the gas at a kerosene pump. However, these aren’t available in every area.

Propane availability

Propane is generally easier to come by than kerosene. Many stores have propane tank rental and sale programs. However, if you want to buy propane in bulk, keep in mind that you’ll need a large storage tank and access to a delivery company that services your area. Check into this service as you’re comparing propane to kerosene heaters, as this can be an important factor in your decision.

Propane vs. kerosene storage

When it comes to storage, one difference between kerosene and propane heaters in Pennsylvania is the fuel storage. With kerosene, you can more easily tell how much you have on hand. However, it is more difficult to tell when you are running low, since you cannot open the tank to check the level. While some tanks feature a propane meter to keep you informed, the meter may not be accurate, and not all tanks offer this option.

Consult the experts

As you’re comparing propane to kerosene heaters in Pennsylvania, consult with your local equipment experts at Central Equipment Company. We’ve been the area’s go-to equipment source since 1979. We specialize in equipment and supplies sales, rental and service. Our team can provide valuable input and help you decide what equipment selection is best for your needs and setting. Contact us today with any questions about the difference between kerosene and propane heaters in Pennsylvania or other equipment we can provide. Reach our knowledgeable professionals at 570-368-2603.

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