The Different Types of Concrete Mixers

Unless you’re in the concrete industry, you’ve probably never given much thought to concrete mixers or even concrete in general. But if you’re thinking about installing a driveway, patio, walkway or any other concrete surface, it’s time to think about all of the different types of concrete mixers in Pennsylvania that you might use.

There are two broad categories of concrete mixers: batch mixers and continuous mixers. Continue reading to learn more about each type of mixer and how it can help in your residential or commercial project.

Batch concrete mixers

Batch mixers are divided into two sub-categories: drum mixers or pan mixers. Regardless of its type, when a batch mixer is used, the concrete mix is collected batch by batch. Once enough mix is collected in the pan or drum (depending on the type), it’s discharged onto the ground. Here’s a little bit more about the different types of batch mixers:

  • Tilting drum: A tilting drum mixer discharges the mixed concrete by tilting down when the mix is ready. Because the mix is aided by gravity, these units allow the mix to come out very quickly. Because they’re faster than other types of concrete mixers in Pennsylvania, professionals often use these for bigger projects.
  • Non-tilting drum: Unlike the type mentioned above, non-tilting mixers can’t tilt downward. Instead, the drum is in a fixed horizontal position as it mixes up the concrete. The units are often much smaller than tilting mixers, and they work more slowly. Because of this, you may use one on a smaller residential project.
  • Reversing drum: Much like non-tilting mixers, reversing drum mixers are not allowed to tilt. The drum on these units has two openings. One opening is for pouring materials, and the other end is for discharging the mixed concrete. The drum rotates one direction to mix the concrete and another to discharge it, hence the name.
  • Circular pan: When a circular pan mixer is used, the concrete is mixed by star-shaped rotating blades. In addition to mixing up the concrete, the blades help ensure the mix doesn’t stick to the inside of the pan before it’s poured. The blades can also be adjusted to ensure there’s no wasted space in the pan. Out of all the batch mixers, pan mixers are the more efficient models.

Continuous concrete mixers

As the name suggests, continuous concrete mixers continually mix the concrete until it’s ready to be poured out. Because they’re larger and can mix much more concrete at once with their spinning screw-type blades, these mixers are used for large projects like bridges or skyscrapers. So, when it comes to determining how to pick a concrete mixer for different projects in Pennsylvania, these ones are only for the professionals.

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