The Benefits of Stump Grinding

When you’re looking to get rid of a tree stump, you have a couple different options: you can remove it, or you can grind it. Both will effectively solve the problem, but one job is much easier to handle on your own.

When you’re considering stump removal or stump grinding in Pennsylvania, the simpler option is usually going to be stump grinding. With the right tools, this process will take a few hours to accomplish. When the job’s done, it can appear as though no stump ever existed.

You may be looking to remove that tree stump that’s been in your yard forever, or maybe you need to cut down a tree and are planning ahead for what to do with the stump. Either way, here are some stump grinding FAQs.

Why remove a tree stump?

If you have a tree stump in your Pennsylvania yard, why do you need to remove it? After all, it’s not hurting anyone, right? Well, that’s not exactly the case.

Not only can tree stumps be an eyesore in the middle of an otherwise gorgeous lawn, but they can also be a safety hazard. It’s hard to throw a football around and run pass routes when you have to avoid the stump, and unlike in the NFL, the stump won’t be penalized for tripping. Someone can get seriously hurt by failing to avoid a stump when running at full speed.

Tree stumps can also harbor plant diseases, harmful fungi or insects that can affect other areas of your yard. If left alone, these vectors could thrive and eventually spread to other trees, or even worse, to your home.

Just because a tree has been removed doesn’t mean it isn’t still alive. If the stump is still in the ground, that means the roots are there, too. Those roots can keep the tree alive, and you may see new shoots sprouting up. These will keep coming until the stump is removed.

How to stump grinding works

To grind down a stump, you will need to use a stump grinder. This is a hand-operated machine that resembles a large rototiller. It uses a sturdy cutting wheel to grind away at the tough, dense wood of a stump and turn it into sawdust.

You may also need a chain saw to cut down the stump to be closer to ground level before starting with the stump grinder. This will cut down on the overall time and will make for a safer procedure overall.

You can choose how far down into the ground you grind a stump. The resulting indentation can be filled with sawdust and covered with topsoil. From there, you can choose your landscaping of choice to blend in with the surrounding area, whether that’s wood chips, grass, stone or anything else.

For more information about stump grinding or stump removal in Pennsylvania, and to ensure you have the equipment you need, get in touch with the experts at Central Equipment Company today—we’re ready to help you start getting your grind on!

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