What Is a Good Air Compressor Tank Size?

Thinking about buying an air compressor for your air tools? If so, you’ll need to know which air compressor tank size to purchase in Pennsylvania. The tank size should depend on what you’re using your air compressor for and how long you use it at a time. From paint sprayers to nail guns, pneumatic air tools are a great choice—they typically last longer than comparable electric tools, have less heat output and present a lower risk of electric shock. Your air compressor acts as the power source, which makes them more powerful and versatile than electric versions.

Ask yourself these questions first

Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right air compressor tank size for all your DIY or professional projects:

  • What kind of projects do I work on most? Are you a professional or amateur? Will you be working on major construction projects, simple DIY jobs or the occasional large home repair? The tank size depends on how much power you need to work through your projects.
  • What type of air tools will I use? Tank size can also depend on how much air compression you’ll need. Large, continuous-use tools like sandblasters need a larger tank size than a nail gun that you’ll use sporadically.
  • How much space can I spare? Where you store your air compressor also makes a difference. If you’re a home hobbyist, think about how much space is available in your garage or shed, and choose a model accordingly. If you’re buying an air compressor for a professional shop, however, you’ll either have to or want to make room for a larger compressor.
  • What kind of power source is available? If you get a large air compressor, you may need to plug it into a 240v power source, which is not readily available in most homes. Check the power requirements before buying a compressor for home use. Most home outlets only support 120v.
  • Where will I primarily use my compressor? Finally, think about how and where you’ll use the compressor. Will you be sticking to one area, like the garage or a workshop, or do you need to drag it along with you to different places? If you answered “yes” to the latter, pick a model that can be easily transported.

Choosing a tank size

Tank sizes generally run from one to 60 gallons. The larger the tank, the longer you can continuously run your pneumatic tools. Taking your answers to the above questions into account, you can decide whether you truly need a large, more powerful air compressor. If most of your work is going to be with sporadically-used air tools, you can get something in a small to medium size. However, if you’re planning on long periods of continuous operation, a larger tank is more suitable.

Still not sure what kind of air compressor tank size to purchase in Pennsylvania? Call Central Equipment Company today to learn more about our selection and get expert advice. We’d be glad to help you find the right option for your needs.

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