Do I Need an Electrician for Generator Installation?

Thinking about investing in a generator? While portable units only require a fuel source like gasoline to provide power to certain appliances in your home or business, they’re not ideal for situations where power is out for an extended amount of time. Many property owners are investing in whole-property standby generators that can power multiple systems in a home or business in the case of an extended outage. A professional electrician is absolutely essential for standby generator installation. Read on to learn why.


Most whole-house standby generators function on natural gas. Attempting to install these generators on your own – or relying on your local handyman to do the job – can lead to major problems. Improper installation can lead to a gas leak, explosion or air poisoning inside the home. It can also cause shorts in the system, creating potential fire hazards in your home and requiring costly repairs down the road. Instead of cutting corners and performing a substandard installation, rely on the expertise of a professional electrician to protect both life and property at your home or business.

Local codes and regulations

There are national and local codes that apply to standby generator installation. Professional electricians have a deep understanding of all applicable codes, ordinances and restrictions in your area. Comply with the law and save time, money and hassle by getting your generator installation done right the first time.


Professional generator installation ensures that the unit’s warranty won’t be voided due to faulty installation. Always read your generator’s warranty thoroughly—in most cases, there are clear stipulations that installation by a professional electrician is required for the warranty to remain valid. Protect your investment by following the manufacturer’s guidance.

Routine maintenance

Another reason why you need the help of a professional electrician for standby generator installation is that these units require routine maintenance. Many electricians can’t or won’t perform maintenance work on generators that were not installed by a professional. It’s a matter of safety. Since generators need routine maintenance even while they’re still under warranty, you need to be sure that a professional electrician is willing to work on your unit. It all starts with professional installation.

Required equipment

No matter what type of job you’re doing around your home or business, the right tools make any task smoother. Professional electricians have all the tools and equipment necessary to make quick work of your generator installation. Instead of purchasing all the equipment yourself, call your trusted electrician for expert installation.

Standby generators are invaluable in the event of an extended power outage. Property owners who invest in standby generators receive immediate peace of mind that essential systems on their property, including security systems, refrigeration, HVAC and more, will always have a steady source of power. Rely on your local electrical professionals for standby generator installation to ensure your investment works exactly when you need it to. Contact Central Equipment Company to discover more about the benefits you’ll receive when you have a standby generator installed at your property.

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