MasterSeal Industrial Caulking Tips and Tricks

When it comes to industrial-grade caulking, it’s tough to beat MasterSeal. This elastomeric polyurethane product requires no mixing and bonds to nearly any material, forming a weather-resistant seal. But just like with any construction equipment, it’s important to understand how to use it before you set to work.

Keep reading to learn a few tips on using MasterSeal and a few of the MasterSeal benefits:

  • Clean the area: Your first step is to thoroughly clean the area you’re about to caulk. While MasterSeal is the best caulk on the market, it won’t hold firmly if the area isn’t clean.
  • Use primer if necessary: MasterSeal typically doesn’t require a primer before use, but doing so can provide a cleaner finish and a tighter seal.
  • Cut the tip of the cartridge: Now that the area is clean and possibly primed, cut the tip of the cartridge with a sharp knife or boxcutter. The tip should be the size of the bead needed for the job.
  • Puncture the foil: Next puncture the foil in the tip of the cartridge with a sharp object.
  • Load the cartridge: Place the MasterSeal cartridge in your caulking gun with the tip pointing outward.
  • Attach and cut the cone: Using a cone on the end of the caulking gun provides the best results. Now’s the time to attach the cone and cut the tip slightly smaller than the width of the joint.
  • Fill: Start by caulking the deepest point of the joint, and fill the joint to the surface.
  • Dry: Once the entire joint has been caulked, use a caulk spatula to create a smooth, concave finish.

Safety considerations

Because MasterSeal is an industrial-grade product, we always recommend wearing a long-sleeved shirt and heavy gloves while working with it. We also advise wearing eye protection and a facemask if you’re working in a poorly-ventilated area.

MasterSeal uses

MasterSeal can be used to caulk anything and everything. Whether you need to caulk a window to keep air from slipping in or caulk the foundation of a building, the uses are endless. With the right gun and cartridge size, MasterSeal can be used for expansion joints, vinyl siding, panel walls and more.

MasterSeal benefits

Besides the many MasterSeal uses, the product has a variety of benefits for both residential and industrial use. Here are a few reasons to choose MasterSeal:

  • One-component formula: Unlike some other industrial caulks, there’s no mixing required for MasterSeal. Without the need to mix anything, you’ll save yourself tons of time and energy.
  • Weather resistant: Regardless of the weather outside, you can trust that MasterSeal will keep the elements out. The elastomeric polyurethane is formulated to provide protection for years to come.
  • Superior holding power: Simply put, no other caulk has the holding power of MasterSeal. Whether you’re performing roofing work or making foundation repairs, MasterSeal will hold on for the long haul.

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