How to Keep Your Construction Equipment Well Maintained This Winter

Heavy equipment is expensive, and establishing an equipment maintenance routine is essential in keeping your machinery online during cold weather. Not only can equipment failures be dangerous, but the costs of repairs and downtime far outweigh those of preventative maintenance. Here’s a brief guide to caring for your heavy equipment during the winter.

Schedule a pre-winter inspection

When it comes to winter equipment care, the best thing you can do is schedule pre-winter inspections and maintenance. By reaching out to your local repair service professionals, you can make sure your machinery is up to date with factory-recommended services. This includes equipment-specific services for cold temperatures, including changing fluids, installing engine block heaters, adjusting tire pressure, examining hydraulic hoses and more.

Keep equipment clean

During the coldest months of the year, caked-on dirt and debris can be disastrous for heavy machinery. Heavy equipment is also susceptible to the effects of salt and other chemicals used during the winter, causing system contamination, damage and erosion. Frequent top-to-bottom cleanings protect the body of your equipment and all essential components, as well as help you spot issues that may negatively impact a machine’s performance.

Train for daily diligence

Even the most rugged machinery can be affected by cold winter weather. Daily inspections are an important part of cold weather equipment maintenance, ensuring your machines are always ready to perform at their best. Educate your operators on some of the most common warning signs to look for so they can determine whether the machines they’re using require maintenance. Look at fluid levels, condition of undercarriages, filters and more on a daily basis.

Adjust your operations

When temperatures get below freezing, engines take longer to warm up, and driving on roads can become much more treacherous when they’re covered in snow and ice. Make sure you and your team adjust your operations. Increase warm-up times, lower travel speeds and always stay within the machine’s capabilities to reduce the chance of downtime. Instruct all equipment operators to take the winter weather into account in their day-to-day practices to avoid putting too much stress on equipment.

Keep it moving

Stagnant equipment during extended periods of cold is a recipe for an expensive repair bill. Even if you’re not using your machines frequently in the winter, they need to be started up on a regular basis and put through some routine functions and movements. You should prep your entire fleet by lubricating doors, greasing machines and keeping fluids filled to optimal levels. Consider adding a fuel supplement to prevent fuel gelling and protect the fuel filter from freezing.

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