Necessary Lawn Care Equipment for the Spring

Spring is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to start thinking about a good lawn care routine. Good lawn care should always include watering plants, mowing the lawn, raking leaves and pruning trees. Most of these things require special equipment, which means investing in new tools or contacting a lawn care rental company.

Read on for a list of the lawn care equipment you’ll want to purchase or rent this spring:

  • Lawn mower: While they’re often expensive, a good lawn mower is essential in caring for a yard of any size. That said, if you have a smaller yard, you may want to invest in a more inexpensive push lawnmower, which can cost anywhere from $100 to $2,000. Those with large yards will get the most benefit from a good riding lawn mower, which can range in price from $1,000 to $5,000. Popular lawn mower brands include John Deere, Craftsmen, Honda and Toro. Since a lawn mower is such a large investment, be sure to do a lot of research before making a purchase.
  • Leaf blower: There are some trees that start losing their leaves in spring instead of fall, including live oak, holly and hackberry. Either way, if you have a yard full of trees, it’s good to invest in a top-quality leaf blower. These products can get rid of leaves in a fraction of the time it’d take to rake them all. If you only need to get rid of leaves once or twice a year, consider renting a leaf blower from a lawn care equipment rental company.
  • Shears: Another essential piece of lawn care equipment for tree owners is pruning shears. These tools are necessary for clearing away old branches, thus leaving room for new branches to grow. While most homeowners get by with hand-powered pruning shears, some may need an electric-powered one to take care of large branches.
  • Shovel: Whether digging out a new garden or moving plants from one place to another, a good shovel can always come in handy. It’s easy to find top-quality shovels at fair prices. Always go with a shovel featuring a stainless-steel head, as these are durable and extremely easy to clean. Common handle options for shovels include wood, fiberglass and steel.
  • Weed Whacker: It’s hard to reach weeds and tall grass near fences and trees with a lawn mower, which is where Weed Whackers come in. A good Weed Whacker can easily trim away weeds near your trees, fence posts and sidewalks. They are available in both electric- and gas-powered versions, both of which you can find at many lawn care rental companies.

Ready to start your tool shed?

The right set of lawn care equipment will make it easy to take care of your yard this spring. Whether you’re looking to fill out of your tool shed or rent a top-quality piece of lawn care equipment, Central Equipment Company has got you covered. We have a huge supply of lawn care equipment from top brands. Let one of our experts help you find the perfect lawn care equipment for your needs.

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