Essential Lawn Care Tips You Need To Know

Do-it-yourself landscaping has become very popular recently as many people see it as an excellent way to spend their time at home and save some money. Some homeowners also claim that they find DIY landscaping to be therapeutic. You should try this too, and don’t worry about the cost of purchasing lawn care equipment since you can also take advantage of lawn equipment rental. Here are some lawn care tips to help you get your DIY landscaping right. 

1. Year-Round Interest

As you start your DIY landscaping journey, you should begin by creating year-round interest in your yard. This means having something of interest to do in your yard for each of the year’s four seasons.

Research the plant selection to ensure that you have some shrubs and flowering trees for springtime and summertime, fall foliage for autumn, and a good evergreen structure for winter. We recommend that you plant as many evergreens as deciduous plants as this will create continuity in your garden no matter the season. 

2. Layer Your Flower Beds

Layer your flower beds in three rows with a border. The row furthest away from the center of your yard should have the tallest plants, the middle row should have medium-height plants, and the inner row should have the shortest plants. You can mix and match the plants in each row to your liking. Incorporate as many plants as you like for their flowers and foliage variations. 

3. Install Water Features

Nothing elevates the visual aesthetic of a garden better than a well-done water feature. Therefore, you should install a water feature as part of your DIY landscaping. It’s actually much easier than you think. All you need is some rudimentary plumbing skills, your creativity, and access to a lawn equipment rental service. Installing a water feature will boost the visual appeal of your yard and introduce some soothing water sounds. 

4. Incorporate Some Drought-Resistant Plants

While traditional flowers and plants are okay for your garden, you can make it look much better by experimenting with various plant forms and textures. We recommend incorporating some drought-resistant plants like cacti into your yard. There are numerous cactus species and other desert plants, each unique, which will give your yard more character. 

5. Design Your Yard To Be Low-Maintenance

Although DIY-lawn care is fun, it can become a burden if you have to do it every other day. Therefore, it’s crucial that you design your yard to be low-maintenance. This involves installing stone walkways, avoiding plants that need special attention, and setting up sprinkles to water the garden in summer. 

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