The Most Popular Rental Equipment

Do you know that you can rent almost any construction equipment? This means that no matter the project you plan to undertake, you no longer have to wait to have enough money to purchase the equipment. You can accomplish it sooner at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment by taking advantage of equipment rental services. Here is the most popular rental equipment for the construction industry. 

1. Excavators

Excavators are usually a must-have for many construction projects. However, according to data from IBISWorld, revenues in the excavation segment of the construction industry decreased by 1.2%. Therefore, it’s somewhat surprising that excavators are the most rented construction equipment. However, this revenue decrease can be explained by the fact that many private parties have embraced mini excavators over the full-scale options since they are cheaper to rent and operate. There are also pandemic challenges, but the construction industry is expected to experience a robust post-pandemic recovery, and excavator rentals are likely to skyrocket. 

2. Skid Steers

Skid steers are used in several other industries beyond construction, like the farming and agriculture sectors. This is probably a contributing factor to why this equipment features second on this list. Additionally, a skid steer can be fitted with various tools to handle multiple jobs at a construction site, including landscaping. This means almost every construction project will rent a skid steer for one function or another making it a popular equipment rental.

3. Lifts

Most construction sites use lifts to carry technicians and materials to the high points of a building. They are also used to do simple tasks like installing or changing bulbs high above. It’s typical to find several lifts of different kinds, each doing different tasks. The most common types of lifts you will find at a construction site are boom lifts, lift trucks, and electric lift machinery. Contractors always rent lifts depending on the task they need to be accomplished.

4. Dozers

Dozers are among the equipment almost always needed at a construction site, and their primary role is moving earth. It’s expected that dozer and other earth-moving equipment rentals will snowball over the coming decade in the USA. This is thanks to the adoption of the ten-year, $1.3 trillion new infrastructure plan that President Biden spearheaded following the devastating destruction of winter storm Uri in February 2021. This new infrastructure plan will facilitate the revitalization of national projects like highways, airports, and bridges.

5. Forklifts

Forklifts are high utility equipment in the construction industry and beyond. They play a critical role in construction sites, moving materials from one point to another. According to reliable data, it’s anticipated that the forklift industry is expected to experience a 12.1% growth between 2020 and 2021. This growth figure will likely go higher with the introduction of the new infrastructure plan. 

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