Heavy Equipment Fuel Development in the Construction Industry

Like with any industry, the heavy equipment industry is constantly evolving. As construction equipment becomes more efficient and advanced, not only is the work that is produced by it more effective, but it can also be cost and time-efficient. With fuel prices skyrocketing, there is certainly a market for alternative fuel based heavy equipment.

While the construction industry has held a heavy stake in the desired department, it looks like change is on the horizon. Many manufacturers are now creating construction equipment powered by fuels such as propane, biodiesel, and even hydrogen. 

Alternative Fuels, Cost Cutters, and Energy Efficient

While propane isn’t a new fuel for construction equipment, propane vehicles have risen in popularity over the past few years. The benefit of propane is that it is a clean-burning fuel, thus lowering its impact on the environment. Propane is also a good choice when it comes to cutting costs. Propane is a less expensive fuel than diesel. 

Biodiesel is not only clean-burning but is also a renewable fuel. Compared to regular diesel, biodiesel not only has a lower impact on the environment but also produces more energy than regular diesel. The cost-saving aspect of filling up less makes biodiesel an attractive substitute. Biodiesel is made from hydrogenated oils that are readily available. 

Like propane, hydrogen power is nothing new. However, construction equipment hasn’t harnessed that energy source in this decade until recently. Hydrogen power is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s day and age. Because it is clean, efficient, and has made leaps in engineering, more construction equipment manufacturers are releasing hydrogen power construction equipment. 

Is There Solar Powered Heavy Equipment?

Solar power has seen a huge boom in popularity. Not only is it cost-efficient when the lifetime of use is taken into account, but as solar continues to develop, it is miles away from what it first started as. 

Solar-powered heavy equipment for the construction industry is no longer an if, it’s a yes. Heavy equipment powered by solar has been rising in popularity. While these machines are more expensive to purchase, the cost-savings come in when you factor in the fuel costs saved over time and that there is little to no loss of labor due to unexpected dead batteries or empty fuel tanks.

When thinking of solar power, one of the biggest concerns is the loss of power. With the recent advances in solar power, heavy equipment operates with the same amount of power that equipment on diesel fuel does.

Where Is the Future Headed?

Looking ahead, more and more manufacturers are expanding their heavy equipment lines to offer alternative fuels. The benefits are clear. Not only do alternative fuels cut costs, but they can also increase productivity and the longevity of a heavy equipment fleet. 

(Is there solar powered eavy equipment)
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