What Are the Different Types of Concrete Mixers?

A concrete mixer is a device that combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete. A typical concrete mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the components. For smaller volume works, portable concrete mixers are often used so that the concrete can be made at the construction site, giving the workers ample time to use the concrete before it hardens. An alternative to a machine is mixing concrete by hand. This is usually done in a wheelbarrow; however, many companies have recently begun to sell portable concrete mixers for this purpose.

There are different concrete mixers available on the market today. The most common types are batch mixers and continuous mixers.

Batch Mixtures

This is the most common type of mixer. It is ideal for small to medium construction projects, such as homebuilding and repairing. Batch concrete mixers can be portable or stationary. The three main types are the tilting drum mixer, reversing drum mixer, and pan type mixer.

Tilting drum concrete mixer: The tilting drum concrete mixer mixes cement, aggregate, water and other admixtures to produce concrete. The tilting action allows the drum to be emptied for transportation and then back into position for mixing.

Reversing drum mixer: This mixer is used for larger construction projects. It has a cylinder that revolves in one direction for mixing and a reverse direction for discharging. It features a hydraulic jack for tilting the drum.

Pan-type mixer: The pan-type mixer has two horizontal mixing shafts with paddles that rotate in a pan. The pan is usually jacketed to maintain a uniform temperature of the mix. It is used for large projects where a large quantity of concrete is needed.

Continuous Concrete Mixers

Continuous concrete mixers are in demand for large construction projects where a continuous supply of concrete is required. The concrete is mixed in batches and then discharged into a truck or wheelbarrow for transport to the job site. The main types of continuous concrete mixers are twin-shaft mixers and drum mixers.

Twin-shaft mixer: This mixer has two horizontal shafts rotating in opposite directions. The mixing action is similar to that of a paddle mixer. The mixer features paddles that push the concrete against the walls of the mixer and then fold it over itself. Also, the paddles help to keep the concrete from sticking to the sides of the mixer.

Drum mixer: The drum mixer is a type of continuous mixer that consists of a rotating drum. The concrete is fed into the drum from one end and discharged at the other end. It is similar to the tilting drum mixer but does not have a tilting mechanism.

Bottom Line

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