How To Properly Clean Out a Cement Mixer

There will come a crucial time when you need to clean your cement mixer, and you’ll need to use the most effective cleaning techniques to complete the job safely and effectively. These are some tips for how to clean a cement mixer the right way:

Clean While the Cement Is Wet

The very first tip for cleaning your cement mixer is to avoid doing it when the cement is dry. The best practice is to start your process while it’s wet so that it’s easier to clean. If you wait until it’s dry and hard, you’ll have to use the harshest chemical products to dissolve it. Some of those dissolvers can be detrimental to your machine and your health. That said, you can clean the cement effectively using the tools and products mentioned in this piece. 

Gather the Appropriate Tools

Start with the protective equipment you’ll need for your safety. It would be wise to get a pair of gloves and goggles to avoid getting anything abrasive on your hands or in your eyes. 

Next, you’ll need to have a water source and a pressure washer. A brush with slightly stiff bristles will help you remove stubborn cement globs, and a non-abrasive chemical cement remover with an applicator will help you remove the rest. 

You might also want to bring a chisel, bucket, and a trusty hammer or mallet for your cleaning process. Have those items ready so that you can finish the cleaning process in a timely manner.  

Steps for Removing the Cement

The initial step is to do some spin cleaning. You’ll first need to fill your mixer with a huge helping of water and add some gravel to it so that it will remove some of the cement as it spins. Two shovels of gravel should be enough to get the process going. You’ll need to tilt your machine to get the gravel to remove the cement from the edges while it’s in action. 

Allow the unit to spin for a few minutes until you see that it has cleared and loosened most of the cement. You can then drain those components in a secure location. 

Your power washer is what you will use to clean the rest of the cement from the machine. You should only have a tiny amount of residue left in the mixer at that time. You’ll only need to use a chisel or mallet if you see clumps of stiff cement on the exterior. 

Use your power washer to release and remove any remaining cement from the outside or inside the mixer. Your job will be complete once the unit looks satisfactory. The last step is to allow your cement mixer to sit until every part of it dries naturally in the air. 

Now you’re wise on the topic of how to remove cement from cement mixer effectively. You can feel confident about performing these tasks the next time you need to clean your cement mixer for a fresh and respectable appearance.  

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