Ultimate Guide to Operating a Backhoe

A backhoe is excellent for installing posts, laying pipes, grading surfaces, and landscaping. If you need a backhoe for an upcoming job, but don’t want to spend money on the purchase, Central Equipment Company in Montoursville, PA, has you covered. We rent equipment to organizations and local individuals, with thousands of items in stock. 

Thankfully, learning how to operate one can be easy. Avoid operating a backhoe without knowing its safety parameters and proper operational procedures. Read this guide to help you know howto operate a backhoe safely and effectively.

Step 1: Open the Bucket 

Ensure you position yourself in the swivel chair comfortably. What do the controls do in a backhoe? Familiarize yourself with backhoes controls by knowing their functions:

  • Lower the stabilizers to steady the backhoe and then release the boom’s lock
  • Push the left control to extend the machine’s stick
  • Open the bucket by pushing the control on the right

Step 2: Lower the Boom

It’s easy to lower the boom, but you should be keen when undertaking this step to help avoid running into other materials or machines. Get yourself ready and push the right control to lower the boom. 

Step 3: Start Digging 

Push the right control to the left to scoop the dirt and soil. This movement can curl the bucket inward. 

Step 4: Lift the Dirt or Soil 

Pull the left and right controls simultaneously to raise the boom. This movement will curl the bucket while raising the boom.

Step 5: Dump the Load 

Open the bucket by pushing the controls again simultaneously. You can dump the load by pushing the stick toward the cab. 

How Do I Operate a Backhoe Safely?

A backhoe can be unsafe if you’re careless or don’t receive well-elaborated training. You must perform a few practices when operating a backhoe for a safe project. Here are the best practices you must follow: 

  • Never exceed 5 miles per hour 
  • Note the maximum operating weights
  • Avoid going underneath the backhoe 
  • Avoid working too close to an edge and on uneven ground 
  • Avoid leaving the operator’s seat while the machine runs 
  • Always wear a machine seatbelt when operating the machine 
  • Ensure the stabilizers are down when operating the machine 
  • Check equipment and review the site plans before operating
  • Check for anything that appears to be faulty or might interfere with the operation

Moreover, it would be best to fit your backhoe with hydraulic power attachments. This will allow the machine to be used for other tasks besides digging and lifting. The commonly used types of backhoe attachments are hammers and breakers. They allow the operator to break up concrete, asphalt, and rocky soils. Other attachments include: 

  • Augers 
  • Rippers 
  • Compactors 
  • Couplers  
  • Buckets with thumps  
  • Snowplows and snow pushes 
  • Brooms and street sweepers 

Choose Central Equipment Company in Montoursville, PA for Quality Backhoe Rentals

Heavy equipment like backhoes provide valuable services to operators and contractors alike. They are needed in many sectors, from landscaping, agriculture, and roadwork to construction. Renting a backhoe is cost-effective and can give you the required high performance. For reliable, high-quality construction equipment, choose Central Equipment Company in Montoursville, PA. Contact us today or visit us for information about rental terms and options.




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