What Is Rigging Hardware?

Rigging is a general term for items used to move or lift heavy objects and materials to where they are needed. Rigging is often used in the construction industry and for various other purposes, including setting up and tearing down performance stages and other structures.

Cables, ropes, or chains that hoist, pull, or haul items from one place to another are all part of rigging. But the rigging requires more than just items that provide leverage for most heavy objects. Rigging hardware is needed to ensure the job is done as safely and efficiently as possible.

What Is Rigging Hardware?

Rigging hardware is the items that work in tandem with the cables, ropes, or chains used to lift or haul items. The hardware includes hooks, pulleys, and adjusters, making it possible to create the ideal rigging platform for whatever a particular job might require.

Items like Crosby lifting hardware provide workers with shackles, turnbuckles, and similar items, making it possible to hoist heavy items and safely move them to where you need them.

Why Rigging Hardware Is Necessary

In an ideal world, you could simply stack needed items onto a pallet and use a forklift to move the items to where you need them. Unfortunately, the world seldom is ideal – especially in the construction industry or when working outdoors.

Rigging hardware makes it possible to create the perfect platform for loading and moving items. You can specially design a particular rig for whatever objects you might need to move.

Those objects might include a single item that is bulky, heavy, and virtually impossible to move in more conventional ways. The rigging hardware makes it possible to move one-of-a-kind items and equipment to their own specially-made rigging platforms while using the same materials.

Rigging Hardware Creates Versatility

You can adjust the rigging hardware to suit your needs and afterward reconfigure it to move different types of items. The versatility helps to give the rigging hardware a very long service life. Many items are made with a simple but effective design that makes it possible to reuse them over and over.

You should inspect your rigging hardware to help ensure it does not have any cracks or other damage that might make it weak and unsafe for continued use. You also should inspect the final rigging apparatus before putting it to use to ensure that it will perform as intended.

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