Tips for the Most Popular Excavating Tools


One day, you might dig a hole for gardening, post holes, or something more involved, like sewage or electrical work. The following are some tips that will improve your digging experience. 

What To Know Before You Dig

The most important thing to know before you dig is where the utility lines are. You don’t want to cut into a utility line with a shovel and cause a severe problem for yourself or anyone else. To avoid this problem, you can call 811 to get additional information about the area. Once you gather that crucial information, you’ll be more equipped to navigate the job well. It would also be wise for you to mark the spots where the utility lines are before you start digging.  

Tips for Better Digging Adventures

Maybe you’re asking, "Where can I get tips on excavating my yard?" You can get those tips right here. The following are some of the most helpful tips for excavating for the first time:

Get Your Shovel Sharp

One of the first steps to take if you would like to make the job easier is to sharpen your shovel. The sharper it is, the easier it will slice through the soil. Use a grinder for the best results. 

Keep a Knock Block Nearby

Sometimes annoying soil can cling to your posthole digger and make the job 10 times more difficult. These situations are best resolved with a knock block. You can use several items to knock off the excess soil. For example, a rock, face-down shovel, or brick will work fine. 

Consider Renting a Posthole Auger

Consider renting a gas-powered posthole auger if your project includes putting up a fence or making a deck. Gas-powered augers can be quick and effective. The only issue with them is that they are sometimes slow in some circumstances. 

Invest in a Tile Shovel

A tile shovel might be a fantastic tool for your project because of its long and narrow blade. It could be excellent for making your posthole bigger and using it to break up the soil in general. 

Use a Heavy Digging Bar if Necessary

Sometimes, you will come across extremely hard soil. You might even find that this soil is rock-hard. In that case, you need something that cuts into it while allowing you to use the least amount of your physical strength and resources. A five-foot digging bar might be just what you need if you want to break up the rocks in stubborn soil. The investment will be well worth the cost. 

Think About Using a Clamshell Digger

A clamshell digger might be fun and efficient since it grabs the ground and chops into the dirt. They don’t usually cost more than $20, and they could significantly help your project. 

Use some tips mentioned above for your next project. The most effective strategy is to work intelligently, and that means avoiding putting unnecessary strain on yourself when you can make it much more manageable. 

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