How To Prepare for Your DIY Driveway Repair Project

There are many tools needed to repair blacktop driveways. If you are on a mission to tackle this project on your own, this guide can help prepare you. Some of the basic tools you will need include a broom, which you probably already have lying around.

Tips for Preparing Your DIY Driveway Project

Here are some tips to prepare for blacktop driveway repair projects.

Prepare the Surface

You will first start off by preparing the surface of your driveway. The time it takes for this first step depends on your driveway’s current shape. For example, if your driveway is filled with cracks and more, you will need to fill these before moving on to the next step. But, maybe all your driveway needs for preparation is a sealant and a good sweep. This can prepare your driveway by eliminating any debris and can be done using your water hose.

If you need to repair a few cracks before doing anything else, you can purchase various professional tools. But first, ensure that you remove pieces of asphalt or debris lying within the cracks. If these cracks have been present in your driveway for some time, you may have noticed that plants have started to grow in the cracks. Before you use any of the filler material, you must remove these things first.

Repair Cracks

Many business owners and homeowners alike can simply take advantage of cold-pour fillers to repair cracks in their driveways. Cold-pour is a cheaper option and the easiest filler on the market to use. But, if you do not properly clean the cracks first, the filler will not be properly set.

In order to perform a blacktop crack repair without any professional equipment, try using a compressor or air blower to remove any broken pieces of asphalt. A screwdriver will also do the trick. Avoid using a pressure washer or any other type of water source to clean the cracks.

If you are going to wash your driveway before attempting repairs, you must allow your driveway to completely dry before any cracks can be repaired. If water seeps into these cracks, it can result in more cracks.

Furthermore, if you have plants that are growing in between the cracks, you can spray vinegar or weed killer on them. You can also use a propane torch if you have a small driveway. Some were created just to kill weeds, which makes this method quick and simple.

Once you have properly prepared the surface of your driveway, you can move on to applying the sealer or pouring in your filler. You can simply use a trowel or squeegee for this step, which will allow for a smooth application once all cracks have been repaired. This is not a difficult job to do especially if your driveway doesn’t contain a lot of cracks. As long as you have the right products and equipment, you can complete the job on any sunny day.


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