Things To Know Before Using a Commercial Grade Worksite Heater

Many businesses use commercial-grade worksite heaters inside their facilities once the weather starts moving in a chillier direction. These heaters have many advantages, but they also have some safety risks when misused. Here’s some information about the risks of using worksite heaters and what you can do to make the experience safer for yourself and your worksite. 

The Risks Involved in Using Worksite Heaters Improperly

It’s imperative that you use your worksite heater in a way that protects the safety of all individuals using the heater. The following problems can arise if you do not use it correctly:

A Possible Fire

You run the largest risk of starting a fire if you misuse the heater. For example, setting it up too close to flammable items can cause a flame burst in a matter of seconds. 

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

You can suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning if there isn’t enough ventilation when you use a commercial-grade heater. You can also put coworkers and other individuals at risk for the same issues. 

Injuries and Other Incidents

The last thing you would want to do is cause an injury or incident to happen to someone. However, it can easily occur if you set the heater up in the wrong spot or put it in a dangerous location. Therefore, you’ll need to be mindful of where you sit the heater if it’s a small one that can go on the floor. 

Do Worksite Heaters Really Help?

Worksite heaters can help significantly if the temperature is unfavorable. It can make the workers at the site more comfortable and boost morale because of the accommodating heat they have access to. Thus, you should try to provide these heaters if you can do so at your facility. 

How To Use a Worksite Heater?

As mentioned before, proper usage of worksite heaters is paramount. These are some tips for using the best practices if you need to operate such a heater:

Choose the Right Type of Heater

Be sure to purchase the right type of heater from the beginning. Choose the safest type for your facility and how it’s set up. For example, you might want to invest in an electric heater instead of an indirect-fired one. You should consider things like cost and ease of use when you choose.   

Set the Heater Up Safely

Ensure that you set up your heater safely, so it does not sit close to flammable items. There should be a certain number of feet between those items, and you can check your owner’s manual for specific instructions. 

Have Emergency Practices in Place

Be sure to set up emergency actions that you can take if anything ever goes wrong and a fire starts. That way, you can act quickly if something happens unexpectedly.

Use the tips mentioned above, and you should do well with the heater at the worksite. Always be mindful of your safety practices, and you and your associates will be warm and well. 

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