Top 5 Essentials If You’re New to Construction

Whether you are heading into your first construction job outside trade school or your fiftieth construction project in a long career, there are some essentials that you will need to be safe and effective on the job. In the construction industry and related fields, it’s essential to review your construction hard hat options and construction hearing protection options before you step out into the workplace. Having the right gear means that your head, ears, and other body parts will be properly protected as you go to the construction site for the first time. 

The last thing that any construction worker, new or old, wants to do is arrive at a construction site unprepared. At best, your supervisor may ask you to purchase the proper items and return to work promptly when you have completed the task.

At worst, you may be fired on the spot and lose valuable work experience and your income. This is why it is essential to have these essentials on hand when looking for a construction job. That way, you will be able to jump at the opportunity and get your hands dirty right away on the job.

Hard hat

Even if you have never experienced a day of construction work in your life, you will know what a hard hat is and why it is used. In movies, TV shows, and children’s toys, hard hats are the one item that makes construction workers especially easy to spot. In real life, they protect workers’ heads.

A hard hat protects some of your most vital body parts–your head and brain. Even if you aren’t working with large or heavy items on the site, a hard hat is important to protect your head from large and small items that may drop overhead. Most construction sites require hard hats to enter the site, so you’ll want to get this straight away as a construction worker.

Eye gear

Since construction sites have plenty of dust and sharp objects that can harm the eyes, eye protection is a must. From eye goggles designed for construction work to face shields, different items will work to keep harmful airborne particles out of your eyes, head, and even lungs.

Hearing protection

Because construction sites frequently have constant sound exceeding 85 decibels, they can damage your hearing over time. That’s why you will want earmuffs or earplugs on hand to keep your hearing safe. Essential ear protection gear is designed so that users can still hear signals and speak properly.

Durable work boots

Construction sites can have sharp materials and screws on the ground and dangerous items dropping onto your feet. For this reason, strong work boots are necessary for this field.

Hand protection

Gloves aren’t just for keeping your hands warm — they protect them from getting burnt, cut, and otherwise injured. This makes them necessary for construction jobs.


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