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What Is Rigging Hardware?

Rigging is a general term for items used to move or lift heavy objects and materials to where they are needed. Rigging is often used in the construction industry and for various other purposes, including setting up and tearing down performance stages and other structures. Cables, ropes, or chains that hoist, pull, or haul items […]

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5 Types of Industrial Caulking

An industrial sealant is a true marvel that can work as an adhesive and a sealant of various materials. Trusted brands, like Masterseal industrial caulking, often produce several types of caulking sealants that work well for different purposes. There are five primary types of caulking that handle a variety of industrial applications. Those five […]

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Things to Know Before Choosing a Sealant

What is industrial caulking used for? It’s mainly used in the construction industry to fill openings and cracks and seal joints. It provides a barrier to smoke, dust, noise, moisture, water, and air. That’s why proper selection, depending on applications and properties, is key to getting the most out of a sealant. If you’re in […]

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