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Construction Supplies in Pennsylvania

More than just providing construction supplies to Pennsylvania companies and contractors, Central Equipment Company also maintains and repairs most construction and commercial equipment. We’re available to assist you in maintaining, servicing and repairing your equipment—whether you bought it from us or somewhere else.

Our familiarity with major brands and a diverse array of equipment makes us the authority when it comes to troubleshooting and repair. Whether your item needs a quick part replacement or something more, you can count on us to deliver it, so you can get back to work.

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Our Products

  • Equipment Service:
    Our in-house service department is well-staffed by trained mechanical professionals, able to service just about everything we rent and sell. From general upkeep to minor repairs, we keep our (and your) equipment in safe working condition.
  • General Repairs:
    We’re able to handle construction equipment repair in minor and major capacities, keeping our most-used and most important equipment working the way you need it to. Our service technicians are familiar with all major brands and equipment models, administering repairs with care.
  • Routine Maintenance:
    Contractors and companies throughout Pennsylvania turn to our service department when it comes to maintaining their equipment. Before you send it in for repairs or call an amateur, bring it to us and let our experienced staff deliver the routine maintenance you need to get maximum ROI on your investment.
  • Equipment Parts:
    Looking for specific construction equipment parts? Our service shop is stocked with a huge selection of OEM parts and components, and we order what we don’t have to ensure your equipment gets what it needs.

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Turn to Central Equipment Company for equipment service, repairs, maintenance and parts, and expect nothing less than the very best in service and satisfaction. Reach us today at 570-368-2603 for more information about our capabilities or to schedule a service appointment.

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